Welcome to the World!

I really, really love to travel. Most people I know do. We all have our reasons, whether it’s chasing the next big adventure, relishing an exotic epicurean experience, or letting go of the demands of day-to-day life, even if just for a long weekend. For me, travel is about connection: to people I come in contact with, to this breathtakingly beautiful planet, to myself.

I grew up a regular traveler. The daughter of a career Marine, I spent the first 18 years of my life criss-crossing the country as we moved from one duty station to the next. The highway was a ribbon that tied the disparate eras and locales of my life together. The constant uprooting could have been a source of great disconnect in my life. Instead, it was the lens through which I was able to see how similar we all are, while also seeing the unique beauty of each place through which I passed.

If done right, travel can be the great equalizer. We can break down walls, invite vulnerability, and awaken the very best that is inside each of us. We can get to know each other in a way that our regular hierarchies prevent. We can help each other. And we can grow to cherish this world in a way that modern life sometimes obscures.
This space is dedicated to recognizing the great power of connection that we can find through travel. If you would like to connect with me, please leave a comment or send me a message at travelingwithheart at gmail dot com.

Thank you and welcome.

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